Our personality and principles established the foundations of the Mooother brand. It is an expression of who we are and what we believe in. Mooother represents more than just superb design, it represents equality and diversity. We are humble, upbeat, curious, and mindful.


Our principles serve as a guiding force for the Mooother brand. They provide us with a sense of direction. We are clear and direct, acknowledge the hard truths... but are not arrogant.

  • Quality over everything
  • Simplicity over complexity
  • Functionality over aesthetics
  • Evolving over finalised
  • Diversity over division
  • Love over hate


Our wordmark is an important expression of our brand identity. It is the core element in our visual identity system.

Our wordmark should in no way be altered and is primarily used in Ash Black. It can sit on top of Rose Peach or Rock Salt. The Mooother wordmark can also be used in Rock Salt over Ash Black and should never be smaller than 20 pixels in height. A generous amount of white space should always surround the wordmark.

  • The Mooother wordmark


Our monogram is the reduced form of our wordmark. It should only be used when the wordmark is too small to achieve maximum visual impact. The Mooother monogram follows the same usage guidelines as our wordmark.

  • The Mooother monogram


Our colour scheme is modern and simplistic. We believe colour is like everything else, it is best used in moderation. The Mooother colour scheme consists of only three friendly colours.

  • Clay
  • White
  • Black